Methamphetamine Assessments

Methamphetamine Testing and Assessments

Forensic Meth Consulting

Methamphetamine manufacture and use can contaminate houses and cause health risks to people (particularly children) occupying these houses.

Do i need a meth test?

There continues to be no legal requirement to test.

The 2 most common driving factors for a meth test are:
What does your insurance policy require to protect your entitlements?

What is your risk and ability to cover remediation costs in a worst-case scenario?

If you are unsure as to what an acceptable level is please seek advice from your advisors, your local authority (i.e. your local Council) or your Insurance Provider.

Consultex recommend Methamphetamine Testing of your property:

  • If there is a suspicion that the property may have been contaminated
  •  If buying or selling a property
  • At the beginning and end of tenancy in rental properties.

Methamphetamine Testing nz

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