Mould Assessments and Testing

Mould Assessments and Testing NZ

We provide Mould assessments and remediation Testing for clients in NZ

Mould Assessments

Consultex Environmental can provide trusted advice on Mould remediation and will provide the information you require to remove your Mould Issues.

Scoping and testing services from a basic identification only assessment through to detailed assessments.

Consultex Environmental can provide the following services:

Scope of works and Testing – It is useful to confirm the presence of Mould and details the types detected. A report is provided, which details what was found and the likely causes with recommendations of remediation’s and suitable companies to help with you Mould Problem.

Clearance inspection – This service involves air sampling, swab sampling, and a visual inspection of removal/remediation areas to ensure Mould is removed appropriately, and there are no lingering spores due to remediation.

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