What makes a good asbestos survey report

What makes a good asbestos survey report in today's industry?

Updated: Aug 06, 2020

With dozens of off the shelf asbestos software options and local developers able to produce a capable system in a matter of days. What factors and information makes for a good asbestos survey report in today’s market?

Here’s Consultex’s take:

Comprehensive, but not over complicated.

Far to often you see survey reports with a immense amount of copy and paste jargon at the beginning and throughout the report. Consultex ask the question, does this add value to the client? Of course there is a minimum level of caveats and limitations that must be listed in the report to protect both the company and client. However are the 20 pages of example reports, scenarios, extravagant risk matrix’s and repetitive executive summary tables necessary?

Colour is king

In a industry that is made up of mostly visual learners, colour and detailed site maps are KING. To Consultex, this means:

  • Utilising red (positive or strongly presumed), green (negative) and orange (presumed) clearly and unsparingly throughout the report
  • Marking extents and labeling site maps. There’s nothing worse than only having blank sample references on a site map. The continuous flicking and scrolling between pages is not the experience Consultex aims to deliver. That’s why all our site plans are labelled with the appropriate colour, type of material and the extent.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Self explanatory? apparently not. Even in today’s market some of the largest consultancies are failing to provide multiple high quality images per survey item in survey reports. Frederick R. Barnard once said pictures paint a thousand words and we think so too. Credit to Flow Mobile Surveying for allowing us to add high definition images to all our reports.

Accuracy and Detail – Can I quote off this?

Consultex strive’s to offer a report that a asbestos removal contractor can quote from in the office. How is this achieved? We offer more value. Here’s how:

  • Accurate extents. All our consultants carry measuring lasers, tapes and wheels. Measure twice, cut once – Measure right, quote right.
  • Consultex add the detail that contractors desire. Example? A corrugated asbestos fibre cement roof has been identified during a survey. Job done? No. Consultex’s team now look to include information about the presence and state of the building paper, the type and extent of the insulation. Is the roof fixed with screws or flat nails etc. Another example? sure. Textured ceilings. Is it plaster board or fibrous gib? insulfluff or batts? Lath and plaster? you get the point.


Recommendations are what defines a good consultant from the rest. With out giving to much away, Consultex evaluates and considers the end user of the report. We then tailor the recommendations in a way they can understand and apply to their project or asbestos management.

If you would like to speak to one of our surveyor’s please contact us through the website or on the details below:

0508 292 292 or [email protected]

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