What makes a good asbestos survey report

What makes a good asbestos survey report in today's industry?

Updated: Aug 06, 2020

Asbestos survey reports can be a daunting and confusing document, especially with the multitude of off-the-shelf software options and local developers who can produce a capable system in a matter of days. So, what makes a good asbestos survey report in today’s market? Consultex Environmental has the answer.

Comprehensive, but not Overcomplicated

Consultex believes that survey reports should be comprehensive, but not overcomplicated. The reports should add value to the client by avoiding an immense amount of copy and paste jargon at the beginning and throughout the document. While caveats and limitations should be listed to protect both the company and the client, extensive example reports, scenarios, risk matrixes, and repetitive executive summary tables are unnecessary.

Colour is King (or Queen)

In a visual learning industry, colour and detailed site maps are king. Consultex uses colours such as red (positive or strongly presumed), green (negative), and orange (presumed) clearly and unsparingly throughout the report. Additionally, they label site maps with the appropriate colour, type of material, and extent, so clients can quickly understand the information. Pictures are also an essential part of the report, and Consultex provides high-definition images for all survey items.

Accuracy and Detail – Can I Quote Off This?

Consultex’s goal is to provide a report that an asbestos removal contractor can quote from in the office. They achieve this by offering more value. Their consultants carry measuring lasers, tapes, and wheels to ensure accurate extents, and they provide detailed information about the presence and state of the building paper, insulation, and roofing or ceiling materials. The report includes whether the roof is fixed with screws or flat nails, if it is corrugated asbestos fiber cement, and if the ceiling is textured plasterboard, fibrous gib, or lath and plaster.


Finally, a good asbestos survey report should include tailored recommendations that the end user can easily understand and apply to their project or asbestos management. Consultex evaluates and considers the end user of the report and tailors the recommendations accordingly.

If you need a comprehensive asbestos survey report, Consultex Environmental can provide one. Contact them via their website or the details below to speak to one of their surveyors.

0508 292 292 or [email protected]

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