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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Source: Ben Alford's FAMANZ Blog.

logo famanzThe Asbestos surveying industry within New Zealand is young; therefore, it lacks the regulations of the UK, USA and Australia. Due to the inconsistency within surveys within New Zealand, there will be a considerable amount of re-surveys performed nationally over the next five years.

Before these surveys happen, the industry needs to improve, and if so, what needs to happen for the standards to be raised?

One area I believe further improvement and dialogue is required is around training and auditing.

The current platform allows for anyone with an IP402 or P402 to provide asbestos surveys without any liability.

Therefore young surveyors don’t understand the burden they place on themselves when releasing a report, because there is no liability.

Therefore I would like to see an overarching external body such as FAMANZ provide ongoing audits and accredited assessments. The current IANZ standard of ISO17020 isn’t enforced regularly by trained consultants to ensure the ongoing support for improved training within New Zealand, I believe this is necessary to happen before the industry’s standard can improve.

As members of FAMANZ can you please outline any additional initial steps, which are required to create a good support structure for improvement?

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