Consultex Teams Up With Flow

Consultex Teams Up With Flow

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Local start-up works with UK firm to offer hi-tech safety solutions despite lockdown

Services flowAs companies struggle for survival due to the coronavirus pandemic, bold entrepreneurs in New Zealand has decided to start a new business regardless of the current climate. Ben Alford, William Morris-Whyte, Jake Davenport and Chris McNoe have worked in the hazardous material (Hazmat) industry for combined three decades and are aware of the pressing need to keep building sites across New Zealand safe. So, despite lockdown, the group started Consultex Environmental.

The four partners have a dream to use our expertise to revolutionise the Hazmat industry in innovative ways and by using the latest, cutting-edge software. Consultex Environmental will act as an independent Hazmat consultant, specialising in asbestos surveying and removal services and occupational hygiene. Also, Consultex Environmental has just concluded negotiations with Flow Software solutions in the North East of England to offer their superfast surveying software.

The Flow Mobile Surveying App is the brainchild of Paul and David King of Flow Software Solutions, another start-up that opened its doors just a year ago. The two brothers also have 10 years of hi-tech experience and their software has featured in PC Mag; BBC Webscape; and Tech Crunch Europe. The Flow Mobile Surveying App will now be available through Consultex Environmental.

Speaking about his new business Ben says, “I know it’s not the best time to start a company however we have to be brave and I believe Consultex Environmental will make a huge difference in these hard times. I am also pleased to be able to promote the Flow Solutions mobile app. I love the way it immediately updates our desktop surveys, and I think it will do very well in New Zealand.” Together, Consultex Environmental and Flow Software Solutions have refused to let lockdown affect their partnership deal. “Negotiations between the two companies had to be done from home using webcams and working from home helped facilitate the process with an 11-hour time difference,” says Paul King. “New Zealand is a growing market for the asbestos surveying industry and is a good opportunity to make the Flow Mobile Surveying App available internationally, despite lockdown.” While many start-ups may be struggling, Consultex Environmental, Paul and David King show that it is possible to thrive in the worst economic climate, and that is inspirational. Now, as Consultex extends Flow Software Solutions to New Zealand all seven are expectant, the app will deliver for many new customers.

“Individually we are good at what we do, but together we have more clout,” says David. “When you start a business, there is an inherent risk, but you have to believe that what you are doing is going to work. I believe that as partners, we can achieve anything.”

The Flow Mobile Surveying App Flow came out of a desire to find a solution to a significant problem, Asbestos, which is still responsible for many of today’s cancers. The carcinogenic substance is banned, and surveys are required before any building work is done on the majority of properties. The Flow surveying software app records the presence of hazardous materials in the fastest way possible and allows for seamless updates from mobile to laptop.

Consultex Environmental now offers independent, trusted and client-focused advice on Hazmat-related issues across New Zealand as well as the software needed to help combat harmful materials. For more information, visit

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